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TEL: 04-22052121 Ext.7817
Address: No. 91, Hsueh-Shih Road, Taichung, Taiwan 40402, R.O.C.


TMS is dedicated to the in-depth study of four cancers (breast, brain, head and neck cancer, pancreatic cancer) in cooperation with other research institutes in China Medical University (CMU). To enhance the level of oncology research, we will incorporate basic medical mechanistic research into the development of innovative prevention and therapeutics. It is our best hope to connect our basic studies with bedside application, and in the long term, to reduce cancer mortality and promote the well-being of patients.

Our research goals include:

  1. To conduct basic and clinical research
  2. To develop innovative cancer prevention and treatment
  3. To promote educational training of cancer prevention and treatment
  4. To integrate the interdepartmental and interdisciplinary research in the university and to enhance international cooperation
  5. To provide consult to the government and organizations and to conduct entrusted projects or plans